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4D LABS helps you solve your materials problems and fast-track your technology deployment. Our expert staff provides fast turn-around times and maximum equipment up-time. We offer cost-effective access to state-of-the-art tools and associated know-how.

We make sure you have access to a comprehensive set of tools, so you can designdevelopdemonstrate and deliver efficiently, all under one roof.

Flexible Operations Model

Choose how you want to work with us:

  • Train with our staff and run your research program independently;
  • Have our staff perform contract work on your behalf; or
  • Set up a research and development collaboration with 4D LABS.

SFU’s inventor-owned intellectual property (IP) policies make working with 4D LABS easy for you to get the results you need without jeopardizing their ownership.

Industry Experience and Expertise

Over 100 companies across a range of sectors including energy, clean technology, healthcare and biotech have used 4D LABS to develop products, spin out companies and solve their materials research problems.

Selected Clients

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Our flexible operations model enables academic and industry users to solve problems at any scale.

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