Staff and Leadership

4D LABS staff have the scientific and business expertise to help deliver advanced materials for a wide variety of sectors. Our staff members run samples, train users and provide technical consultation.


Neil Branda, Executive Director

Neil Branda is a SFU Professor of Chemistry and a Canada Research Chair in Materials Science.  He has extensive business experience and is the founder and CTO of SWITCH Materials.

Nathanael Sieb, Director of Operations and Administration

Nathanael Sieb has over a decade of advanced characterization and fabrication experience.  He ensures that the facility operates at the highest levels of efficiency and standards of quality.


Fabrication and prototyping

Hadi Esmaeilsabzali, PhD

Fabrication Manager, Project Management, Etchers, Deposition, Safety

Mcolisi Dlamini

Deposition, Glovebox, Optical Characterization

Yasong Li

Lithography, Wet Chemistry, Inventory

Kuan Zhang

Advanced Lithography, Dicing, Electroplating

Materials characterization

Xin Zhang, PhD

Characterization Manager, Project Management, Quotes, SEM, STEM

Aylin Aghababaei


Lis Melo, PhD

STEM, SEM, Particle Size

Michael Wang

XRD, XRF, AFM, Fuel Cells


Karen McCrea

Finance and Administration