SEM 2 - Nova NanoSEM

  • High stability Schottky field emission gun; Fast chamber evacuation: 2 min;
  • 0.2 to 30 kV; Beam deceleration with stage bias from -150 V to -4 kV; Lowest landing energy 50 V;
  • Optimal high vacuum image resolution: 1.6 nm at 1 kV; 1.0 nm at 15 kV;
  • High vacuum SED, in-lens (TLD), EDX, vCD (high sensitivity low kV BSE) detectors;
  • Optimal low vacuum image resolution: 2.0 nm;
  • Low vacuum LVD, LVD/Helix, GAD (TV-rate solid-state BSE), EDX, vCD (high sensitivity low kV BSE) detectors;
  • 5-axes motorized stage; z axis movable up to 60 mm; -5°/+70° tilt

Tool Specs

Manufacturer FEI
Model Nova NanoSEM
Location 6120.1
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