Particle Size Analyzer 1 - Mastersizer

The Mastersizer 3000 transmits red laser light and blue light through a sample and then uses its detectors to generate data about the light scatttering pattern caused by the particles in the sample. The data gathered is interpreted by the Mastersizer software to provide accurate particle size information.

The wet unit (hydro MV) has a capacity of 120 mL and creates a suspension of particles in liquid media enabling particle-in-liquid size measurements of both aqueous and non-aqueous samples. A variable power ultrasonic system additionally enables particle agglomerates to be dispersed. The sample is in continuous circulation inside the wet cell.

The dry unit (aero S) allows a dry sample to be dispersed and evenly fed to the measurement cell within a continuous stream of air. Direct software control of the feed rate and air pressure is possible. This allows a wide range of particle sizes and densities to be suspended and delivered to the optical bench, enabling ade-quate dispersion. Measurements are usually single long duration controlled by obscuration filtering.

The Mastersizer3000 can analyze particles ranging in size: 0.01-3500 um (10 nm to 3.5 mm).

Tool Specs

Manufacturer Malvern
Model Mastersizer 3000
Typical Application Particle size analysis
Location 7050
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