Laser micromachining

The IPG-280 laser workstation employs two separate lasers and beam delivery systems allowing for a high degree of flexibility for process development activities.

1. Excimer laser (deep UV) is ideal for micromachining a very wide variety of materials like glass.

  • 193nm /ArF Excimer Laser Configuration and maximum Pulse Energy - 9mJ
  •  Beam Dimensions (WxH) - 2mm x 6mm
  • Pulse duration (FWNH) 5 – 15 ns (Typically 10 ns) and  Pulse Repetition Rate 0 – 1000 Hz

2. High Power QCW laser is used for thicker material cutting and drilling.

  • High Pulse Energy Configuration Optimized for high speed drilling operations.
  • Wavelength – 1070nm
  • Power 300W Max Average Power / Peak Power 3000 W Max Peak Power
  • Pulse Width 0.2 – 50 ms

Tool Specs

Manufacturer IPG
Model IX-280-ML
Typical Application Micromachining and Cutting
Location 6072
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