Sputter system 1 - Ir/C

The Leica EM ACE600 high vacuum coating system is used for precise nanometer coating of samples for subsequent examination with an electron microscope.

  • Carbon and iridium angled coating sources are configured.
    • Iridium coating is achieved using the sputtering method where argon plasma erodes a target material.
    • Carbon coating is achieved by carbon rod evaporation
  • Automated stage rotation is integrated for best coating distribution.
  • Integrated quartz crystal measurement accurately determines the layer thickness.
  • Automated or manual height and tilt adjustment.
  • Glow discharge capability uses argon plasma to makes samples & TEM grids hydrophilic.
  • Any sample can be processed as long as it is not sensitive to vacuum, argon plasma or the heat generated during carbon coating.

Tool Specs

Manufacturer Leica
Model Leica EM ACE600
Typical Application SEM sample coating
Location 6120.2
Related Documents Standard Operating Procedure
Contact info@4dlabs.ca