SEM 1 - Helios

  • Elstar Schottky thermal field emitter with UC technology (monochromator);
  • 0.35 to 30 kV; Electrostatic scanning; Beam deceleration with stage bias from -50 V to -4 kV;
  • 0.8 nm image resolution at 1 kV; 0.7 nm image resolution at 15 kV;
  • Integrated plasma cleaner; Liquid nitrogen cold trap for improving vacuum;
  • SED, in-lens (TLD), Ion Conversion and Electron (ICE), and EDX detectors;
  • Retractable STEM (0.6 nm image resolution) and vCD (BSE) detectors;
  • High precision 5-axes motorized stage; Nav-Cam photo for sample navigation;
  • Tomahawk ion column; 4 nm ion beam image resolution at 30 kV;
  • Gas injection systems (GIS) for Pt deposition and selective carbon etch;
  • Quorum cryo system with Pt sputtering capability for biological samples, solutions, or other soft materials;
  • AutoTEM software and Easylift probe for TEM sample preparation; AutoSlice and View and Amira/Avizo software for 3D data collection and reconstruction.

Tool Specs

Manufacturer FEI
Model Helios
Location 6120.5
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Sample Preparation Guidelines