Ion miller

E.A. Fischione’s Model 1010 is a compact, tabletop precision Ar ion milling/polishing system. It is fully programmable for consistently producing high-quality samples to be observed in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) with large electron transparent areas.

Two independent adjustable Hollow Anode Discharge (HAD) ion sources permit either rapid milling, or more gradual specimen polishing to different materials with various combination of conditions:

  1. Milling angle range: 0 to 45°
  2. Extractor voltage range: 0.5kV to 6.0kV
  3. Beam Current: 3mA to 8mA
  4. A sample can be milled while actively being cooled to temperatures approaching that of liquid nitrogen.

The choice of single or dual ion source operation allows milling from either one or both sides of the specimen.

Total ion milling time is typically less than 2 hours depending on the specimen material and its initial thickness.

Tool Specs

Manufacturer Fischione Instruments
Model 1010
Typical Application STEM sample preparation
Location 6120.2
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