Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

Thermo Scientific iCAP Qc ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer) with ESI NWR213 Laser Ablation Module.

  • Elemental analysis of aqueous solutions (excluding HF) and organic solvent-based solutions by ICP-MS:
  • Measurement of elemental concentrations in the ppb and ppt ranges
  • Isotope ratio measurements
  • Auto-sampler
  • Interference reduction using collision/reaction cell with helium or hydrogen
  • Argon gas dilution available
  • TDS up to 2% acceptable
  • Elemental analysis of solids by laser ablation ICP-MS:
  • 213 nm Nd-YAG laser with fluence > 25J-cm-3
  • 100 mm x 100 mm ablation chamber
  • 1 μm lateral position resolution
  • Apertures
    • Continuously variable circular aperture 4 μm – 110 μm
    • Rotatable rectangular apertures

Tool Specs

Manufacturer Thermofisher
Model iCAP Qc
Typical Application Elemental Analysis of solids and liquids
Location 6140
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