Helium ion microscope

With imaging resolution of 0.5 nm, the ORION NanoFab Helium Ion Microscope (HIM) is used to generate high resolution images of your sample. This equipment especially excels in imaging non-conductive samples due to charge compensation technology. You can also gain new insight from your material with a 5 to 10 times greater depth of field compared to images acquired with FE-SEMs. This system is equipped with:

  • Imaging resolution of ~0.5 nm
  • Sub-10 nm fabrication capability
  • Charge compensation for non-conducting samples
  • GFIS Column: field of view 100nm-900μm @ 8mm working distance
  • Helium ion beam: energy 10-35kV, beam current 0.1-100pA
  • Stage travel: x=50mm, y=50mm, z=8 mm, rotation 0-360°, tilt 0-56°
  • Scan and acquisition system: ET detector, charge compensation, image size up to 4x4 k pixels, dwell time 100ns-100ms, 64x 64k DAC for beam positioning
  • Nanopatterning system: 16 bit scan generator, create a range of fully editable shapes (array builder), full control over dose variation, real time image visualization, automated drift correction
  • Sample types: conductive, insulating, magnetic, hard and soft materials

Tool Specs

Manufacturer Zeiss
Model Orion Nanofab
Typical Application Helium ion microscopy
Location 6140.1
Related Documents Standard Operating Procedure 
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