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Byron Gates

"The open access Nanofabrication Facility offers micro- and nanofabrication equipment and associated tooling for process and materials characterization. We provide training and support from our experienced staff of scientists and engineers who maintain a diverse set of equipment and processes to meet your needs in lithography, thin film growth and deposition, and materials and process characterization. We provide hands-on, one-one-one training, regular tool maintenance and upgrades, process consulting, customized materials processing and characterization. Our fees are structured in a pay-as-you go model. We strive to provide our users access to both facilities and the necessary expertise for success in their research and development projects. I encourage you to learn more about us through this web-site, and to contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance to you."

Byron Gates, Associate Professor



For more detailed information please visit the Nanofabrication Website.


For general enquiries, please contact:

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